Below are the 5 nearest locations to Lincoln.

  • Lincoln

    Min. Age 10

    0 miles from Lincoln

    The enthusiasm to win and the eagerness to launch yourself about in our gigantic Zorb ball is all that is needed to take part in the mayhem of Bubble Football!
  • Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

    Min. Age 12

    22 miles from Lincoln

    Encased inside an inflatable ball with your legs free to run and kick the ball, this really is the beautiful game with one heck of a twist. As in regular football the aim is to score more goals that the other team but tackling is very different as you bounce, bump and roll into your opponents to knock them off the ball. Guaranteed to be one of the most hilarious and crazy experiences you're ever likely to encounter!
  • Bakersfield

    Min. Age 10

    30 miles from Lincoln

    Bash and bounce your way to victory as you and your group take part in the hilariously fun combat activity of Bubble Football at our venue in Bakersfield!
  • Bestwood, Nottingham

    Min. Age 12

    31 miles from Lincoln

    Hurl yourself into the action and be part of the sport that everyone’s taking about, Bubble Football! This crazy game consists of 2 opposing teams with each player wearing an inflatable bubble suit to protect themselves as they bounce, smash and crash into each other whilst trying to score. And what could be more fun than charging into your friends and family sending them bouncing and rolling all over the place! Absolutely no sporting ability is required which makes us perfect for any occasion including stags, hens and team building activities.
  • Doncaster

    Min. Age 10

    32 miles from Lincoln

    A unique and hilariously fun version of the beautiful game, Bubble Football is the newest activity to sweep across the nation and its now available in Doncaster!

"Hilarious from start to finish! An amazing activity! "

Natalie Sanders, Sheffield Bubble Football

RATED 3.3 out of 5

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