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  • Bouncing mayhem all inside a gigantic legless Zorb ball, Bubble Football provides you with non-stop fun from start to finish as you bounce and bash into your opponents – taking part in a ‘no rules’ version of the beautiful game! You don’t need to possess football skills to take part, all you need is the enthusiasm to cause some mayhem!

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Below are the 5 nearest locations to Northampton.

  • Northampton

    Min. Age 10

    1.7 miles from Northampton

    A unique and adrenaline-filled twist on the beautiful game, Bubble Football is the activity for adrenaline-seekers and football lovers across the country!
  • Northampton 2

    Min. Age 12

    2.6 miles from Northampton

  • Kettering

    Min. Age 10

    12.8 miles from Northampton

    Utter mayhem is to be expected as you smash into one another in the comfort of our gigantic legless Zorb balls when you go Bubble Footballing in Kettering!
  • Woolstone

    Min. Age 10

    15.2 miles from Northampton

    With absolutely no rules, this exhilarating Bubble Football experience is guaranteed to be the most chaotic version of football you've ever taken part in!
  • Milton Keynes

    Min. Age 10

    17.6 miles from Northampton

    Bubble football is a chaotic combination of Zorbing and football, and pretty much anything goes! So if you're ready to experience the mayhem of this bonkers ball sport there's nowhere better.

"Really well organised, great instructors and the lads loved it "

BRENDON P MULVEY, Newcastle Bubble Football

RATED 4.8 out of 5

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