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  • Bouncing mayhem all inside a gigantic legless Zorb ball, Bubble Football provides you with non-stop fun from start to finish as you bounce and bash into your opponents – taking part in a ‘no rules’ version of the beautiful game! You don’t need to possess football skills to take part, all you need is the enthusiasm to cause some mayhem!

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  • Cardiff

    Min. Age 10
    Bubble football is a chaotic combination of Zorbing and football, and pretty much anything goes! So if you're ready to experience the mayhem of this bonkers ball sport there's nowhere better.
  • Leckwith

    Min. Age 10
    Utter carnage awaits you as you step foot onto the pitch and take part in a unique and adrenaline-filled twist on the beautiful game at our venue in Cardiff!
  • Butlins South

    Min. Age 7
    Provide your group with a chaotic competitive experience as they face-off against one another in a variety of exhilarating Bubble Football game modes!
  • Cribbs Causeway

    Min. Age 16
    Get inside your own giant Zorb ball - taking part in a 'no rules' version of the beautiful game at our amazing Bubble Football venue in Cribbs Causeway!
  • Cribbs Causeway

    Min. Age 10
    The sheer chaotic destruction of Bubble Football has swept across the nation at devastating speeds and, lucky for you, it's finally docked in Bristol!